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Table of Contents

  1. The Bootcamp Market
  2. The OPM Market
  3. Other Tangential Markets and Notes

Early in the year, HolonIQ published their update on university partnership trends throughout 2020. OPM relationships globally grew 16.9% in 2020 and bootcamp relationships 103.8%.

New bootcamp partnership activity seems poised to surpass new OPM bootcamp partnership activity as…

The term “bootcamp” used to be synonymous with “coding bootcamp” in the not-too-distant past, however things have changed. Existing providers have grown their stable of course offerings, and new providers have emerged specializing in new subject matters. The initial spread occurred into other technical fields, filling the gap for specific “hard skills”. More recently, however, a new type of expansion is occurring where new and existing providers are offering more and more “hybrid skill” programs.

To analyze the spread of the bootcamp model, we spoke with a number of industry experts and analysts and plotted when various fields began proliferating…

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